Message from Chairman

Singh Dhesi

     Man neither succeeds nor fails by accident. Success and failure are each attained on purpose. Last success rests upon foundations of character, ability and hard work.

It had been my ardent desire to establish an Educational institute, the products of which would prove to be worthwhile citizens. It has been rightly remarked that the future of the country lies in the hands of the today’s youth.

The child’s mind is like a clean slate. We can shapen him and inculcate in him whatever qualities we deem fit. The aim of “Sarup Public School” is to provide adequate opportunities for the all round development of children.

I am confident that by the Grace of Omnipotent, this institution would win great fame and applause. It has all pre-requisities for a school laying emphasis on both academic and Co-Curricular activities.

I wish the institution all success in the times to come.

Sarup Public School,
Sarup Nagar, Jalandhar.


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