Vision and Mission

The school aims at over all development of student’s personality and desires to make them good human being and cherished citizen of India. We aspire to provide par excellence education which is perfect blend of modern technologies, ethics and morals which can groom a child to be a responsible, enlightened and progressive individual, who is happy with self and committed to bring happiness in the life of others.

For harmonious, progressive and systematic development of complete individual there is perfect blend of activities for physical, emotional, social and spiritual enhancement.

Education is not only learning to read and write or a set of instructions which are followed aimlessly, but, elevation of learning so as to enable them to think , act and accept the ever changing environment. It must help them not only adjust but also develop will to change where the need be as per global scenario. Child must learn to respect rich Indian culture, be compassionate, genuinely co- operative, morally high, have sense of dignity of labour and be progressive in words and spirit.

As per the need to match techno –dominated society school programmes are restructured, redefined and re strengthened to enable cultivation of sensitivities, acquire skills, develop confidence and be emotionally strong.

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