Co- Curricular Activities


To lay considerable emphasis on Co – curricular activities and sports. The school is divided into four    houses i.e;





Each House is under the charge of a senior teacher. Every house has a captain and a  vice captain  and four House perfects who are accountable to their respective House Master/Mistress for maintaining discipline in the school students, The School Head Boy and Head Girl are the senior most appointments in the school. A sports captain and  sport vice captain are accountable for sports activities a under the guidance of sports teacher and drill master.

All-round the year, children keep on participating in Inter-House declamations, debates essay-writing competitions and other competitions like story-writing and poetry writing. The cultural and music club conduct an Inter-House Folk song competition and Inter School Shabad Gayan competition. Extempore, Quiz and on-the-spot painting competition are also held. The school annual prize distribution function provides a grand finale to round the year activities.

We have found that the regular hobby classes as well as the co-curricular activities have acted as a balancing factor in transforming the pupils and have brought out the latent talents in their personality. These have inculcated work ethics and developed appropriate work habits among them.
Art and craft department have added a new rich dimension to their personality by exciting the inner recesses of their minds. Thus the house system has created an atmosphere of healthy competition in the school not only in academics and-curricular activities but in the sports also.
Sarup Public school provides the best facilities and equipment for sports. Students are encouraged to participate and talented sports persons given opportunity to participate at all levels.

All major team games like Cricket, Football, Handball, Basketball, Kho-kho, Volley ball are played in the school. Expert coaches have been engaged by the school in other to provide specialized training to the students.  Students interested in participating in games get coaching in the morning and in the evening before and after the school hours.  Inter-House matches, separately for boys and girls, in all the major games as well as kho-kho, badminton,  kabaddi etc. are conducted every year .

The Annual Athletic Meet provides a grand finale to our sports activities during the year.

Basket Ball , Lawn Tennis Court, Football Grounds, Cricket pitches etc. are well maintained. There is one sports room besides band room. Sports & games are integral part of our school curriculum. Regular games periods are organized for all classes. Inter house matches are conducted, team games like Cricket, Football, Basket Ball, Lawn Tennis, Kabaddi, Volley Ball & Athletics are played with great enthusiasm. The Annual sports day give an opportunity to the children from all classes to exhibit their talent, besides normal classes, the school conducts games every day in the evening & provides coaching facilities for Football, Volley Ball, Cricket, Athletics & Badminton etc. Chess has also been introduced

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